Chosen to SERVE

We are self-centred. Though we love our people dearly, we are still focused on ourselves.

It is indeed natural. Because we spend most of our time with ourselves.

I do good because I don’t want to do bad. I do things right, because I don’t want to fail. In all these, ‘I’ am the centre of my thoughts, words, and deeds.

While being good, we may benefit others, because, when we are virtuous, we sanctify the world. But, when do we really ‘serve’ others?

It is perhaps when we put the ‘other’ before ourselves, like our Lord Jesus did. It sounds simple, but while following His example it is not as simple. Because our own intentions take the ‘lead’.

I think, even for this, ‘love’ is the answer.

May Jesus help us to see and hear the needs of others from our spiritual eyes and ears to promptly ‘serve’ them with the only intention to ‘love’ them in the very act of serving. Amen.