Chosen to LOVE

In His great mercy, He poured His love in us and enabled us to mirror Him. Yes, He created us in His image. He created us to love and to receive love. And He blessed us and said, multiply your love.

Holy God, we are not able to love, unless we receive Your love first. You are the infinite God and Your love is infinite. Are we really able to contain Your love? But You say we indeed are when You promised us to send the Holy Spirit, the giver of life Himself. O, to be filled with this immensity of Love of God, help us to empty ourselves.

Lord Jesus, You emptied Yourself on the Calvary, and taught us how to. We are willing but we fail miserably. Yet, You know our misery, so You never abandon us. Strengthened with this confidence, we ask You to empty us of self and the world, even if it would be scary. As You trusted us when You created us free, free to love You or not, we trust You to lead us, empty us, and to fill us with Your Love.

My Jesus, I acknowledge my nothingness. Prostrate before Your Holy Presence, I ask You to create a new heart in me, which would love You with all its strength and might.

Lord Holy Spirit, breathe on me. Make me a new creature. Help me love the Father in Jesus… so that filled with His Holy Love, I may be able to love my neighbor with His own love.