Basic Catholic

Who is a basic Catholic, but a simple obedient soul – who loves the Lord by being faithful to the daily duties, while always lifting the heart and mind to the Lord God in secret of his or her heart?

Does he or she need to know great theological truths?

When I reconverted to faith through a personal encounter with the Lord, my first instinct was to know as much. To gain knowledge, read books, immerse myself in spiritual reading. But I saw my reluctance to immerse in reading the Word of God or to pray for longer duration. As a result, though all that I did was useful, but still there was something lacking.

I tried my best to go to Confession and receiving Eucharist as many times as possible, was the one thing which sustained me in this distracted search of knowledge and truth.

It was after many years of this thirst and seeking everything, I finally discovered the treasure of simple prayers I was taught at home by my mother or at the catechism class. Those started to become very meaningful and new. Those started to give new life to my soul. And reading the Bible started to strengthen me.

So if you are just discovering the truth of Catholicism, I encourage you to start with small steps. Your journey will be unique.

  • Receive the Sacraments as often as you can ( Bi weekly or monthly Confession, try to receive Holy Eucharist daily or as often as possible during the week)
  • Do morning and evening prayers
  • Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Holy Rosary
  • Saints Litany
  • St. Michael Prayer
  • Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Consecration to Precious Blood of Jesus
  • Consecration to Holy Spirit
  • Daily reading and praying with the Bible
  • Silent meditation on the love of God – prayer of heart!
  • Reading Catechism of Catholic Church ( CCC). Yes!

I think all of these or combination of as many as possible on a daily basis will strengthen us and protect us.

Everything else should be over and above this. Because, all wisdom comes from God.