Dear Christians, stop being cute just on social media

Dear Christians, no offense. But, its time to start evangelizing your family, neighbors, friends, just about anyone you meet and build a connection with.

Share your personal story of encounter with Jesus with them one to one. Sit with the people at home, listen to them. Give others a call and build heart to heart connections. Stop spending time only with those who already have faith. Start spreading your light. Remember, we got to give an account for every soul God made to cross their paths with ours. Were we Christ like? Did we make them understand the reason for our hope by our living? Do we have hope for the Eternal Life?

If every Christian starts telling how and when they got that God-experience, in 5 minutes the whole world will be saved.

Observe well what’s happening around the world. What if we just have a few decades before the end of time (not the end of the world) is upon us? What if we have just 10 years? What if just 5, what if just one? What if just a few months left?!!! Are we ready for the transition? Are we ready to go through that dreaded tribulation of 3.5 years? Are we ready to let go off the conviniences and live a life with just the bare minimums? Are we detached enough?

Start evangelizing your family ( those who don’t know Jesus/ don’t believe/ don’t care). Don’t be pushy. Ask about their opinion and share about your experience and hope at least once. Let them just hear the name of Jesus and that you believe He is the Lord. And when the time comes they will realize it themselves and embrace Him. Be ready to experience scorn. That is alright and will be considered by God as your white martyrdom.

I hope you take this to heart and be bold in proclaiming the name of Jesus.

May Jesus be with you.

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