(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary,
Because no soul knows the day and the hour of her departure towards God, today I give You the hour of my death.

Do live and rule within me completely in that hour, so that my soul may experience the end of my life in a perfect inner peace and calm.
Do in that hour obtain for me perfect faith and trust, so that I may be able to open up completely for a joyful encounter with my Creator.
Do in that hour deliver me from all fear and doubt, so that I may then praise God’s Mercy like never before.
Do in that hour fructify me with the fire of true Love, so that many traces of sins and faults may be burnt up inside of me yet, and my soul may appear before God’s throne all cleaned and justified.
Do in that hour light me with the fire of longing for complete forgiveness and reconciliation towards the souls that have sometimes made life on earth difficult for me.
Do in that hour lend me Your own Heart, so that the heartbeat of true sanctity may irrigate my entire being with true Divine Life, which is soon to take the place of my life on earth.
Do in that hour obtain for me the grace of a complete Confession and a perfect repentance, so that the breeze from my last words may open up the gate of Heaven for me.
Be my shield of Light over the horizon of my path through life, so that the darkness inside of me may not have the final say, and that my death may truly be the dawn of my eternal spring.
Do let the evening sun beam down into my heart, so that I may from this moment onwards with my eyes focused on the golden gate inside of which the rebirth for eternity is waiting for me.

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