Prayer to the Soul of Jesus sorrowful unto death by Teresa Higginson

REMEMBER, O most sorrowful Soul of my Jesus, the fearful agony that Thou didst endure, when plunged into the depths of Thy Father’s Justice and Wrath, Thou didst cry out, “My Father, if it be possible, let this bitter Chalice pass from me, nevertheless not My Will but Thine be done;” and when overwhelmed in deepest woe, Thou didst complain that “Thy Soul was sorrowful, even unto death;” and when agonising, dying and deserted by all, even by Thine eternal Father, these words of wondrous mystery were wrung from Thee, “My God!  My God!  Why hast Thou forsaken me?”

Remember the sighs, the groans, the anguish of soul, the agony of mind, and the breaking of Thy Loving Heart. 

Remember the many stripes, the blows, the insults, the blasphemies, the thorns, the Blood, the Tears, the stripping of Thy garments, the shame, the prayers, the separation of Thy Holy Soul from Thine adorable Body.

Remember the Wisdom of Thy Sacred Head that had contrived so much suffering, and would thus prove the Love of Thy Sacred Heart, for the souls of Thy children.  Remember, too, what Mary suffered.

Remember the price I have cost Thee, and when Thou beholdest all these fearful tortures, have mercy and pity on my soul, and forgive me through Thy Precious Blood.

Why O my crucified, loving Jesus, are so many souls in darkness and sin?  Art thou not the Almighty God?  The God of Wisdom, of Knowledge, of Light?  Art Thou not our Creator, our Redeemer, our Sanctification, our holy and strong God?  Why then is our enemy and Thine so bold?  

O Lord, for the love Thou hast for souls, for the price we have cost Thee, for the glory of Thy Name, arise and show that Thou art the Living God.  Lighten up every darkness by the Light of Thy Divine Wisdom; expel all heresies by spreading the truth of Thy doctrines, and the beauty of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith throughout all nations.  Consume all hearts with the burning fire of Thy Love.  Draw all souls to Thy Soul, that we console and comfort Thee here, by weeping over sin, which is the cause of Thy intense sorrow.  Hide us, dear Jesus in Thy wounds; bathe our souls in Thy most Precious Blood.  Stamp Thy Sacred head and Face deeply in our hearts and souls that we may never forget Thee, nor the sorrow we have caused Thee.

Remember us, Lord, in Thy Kingdom, Grant us pardon and peace here and eternal happiness in the world to come.  Let us keep near Thee, Jesus, in Thy sorrow, that we may be found worthy to dwell for ever with Thee, the Father, and the Holy Spirit, One God in three distinct Persons, in the world without end.  Amen.

Jesus, Mary, Joseph.  Amen.

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