Why we fall into temptations? (Perspective & Prayer by St. John of God)

‘I acknowledge, Lord, that for the just punishment of my sins I fell into the horrible temptation which so nearly caused my destruction. Thou it is Who, by Thine infinite mercy, hast delivered me from it. I promise to serve Thee for the remainder of my days with all the fidelity I am capable of, and I beg Thee the grace to do so. Cause the light of Thy countenance to shine upon Thy servant; grant me that interior peace after which I have so long sighed; show me the way in which Thou wishest me to walk and go to Thee, for it is just that the work of Thy hands should praise Thee, obey Thee, and be entirely submissive to Thy commands.’

St. John of God

God never tempts us. It is our own sins which lead us to undergo future temptations. It is thus important not just to avoid mortal sins, but also venial sins and repent and confess all  identified  sins. So let’s not blame Satan for everything. We are accountable to every moment of our lives and how we use our free will and spiritual weapons to combat direct and indirect snares of the evil one.

Let us pray to our Holy God to give us the grace to overcome our sinful inclinations. Lord Jesus, cover us with your precious blood and wash away our sins and all that in us which offends your most holy love.

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