Eternal Light, Divinity 18th century liturgical hymn

Eternal Light, Divinity, O Unity in Trinity, Thy holy name Thy servants bless, to Thee we pray, and Thee confess.

We praise the Father, mighty One; we praise the sole-begotten Son; we praise the Holy Ghost above, who joins Them in one bond of love.

O Verity! O Charity! O Ending and Felicity! in Thee we hope, in Thee believe, Thyself we love, to Thee we cleave.

Thou First and Last, from whom there springs the Fount of all created things, Thou art the Life which moves the whole, sure hope of each believing soul.

Thou who alone the world hast made, art still its one sufficing aid, the only Light for gazing eyes, and, unto them that hope, the Prize.

O Father, Source of God the Word, O Word with Him co-equal Lord, O Spirit of like majesty, O Triune God, all praise to Thee. Amen.

Source: SaintsPrayers.Net

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