An Offering of the Daily Intention

My Lord, I stand before thee with all my powers, deeds and weaknesses; I offer them all to thee, receive them. Thou gavest them to me, I offer them all to thee: my entire being. I offer thee also the thoughts, words, and deeds that I shall perform this day. I offer them unto thy greater honor and glory. I desire to do everything with the most sincere intention of serving thee and of fulfilling thy most holy will in all things. I offer them also as an atonement for my sins, past and present. I accept from thy hand, O Lord, every adversity and suffering: let it all be unto thy greater glory and the good of my soul.

O Christ, the true light, which enlightens and sanctifies all men who enter this world: let the light of thy glory be inscribed upon us, that through it we may see the unapproachable light; straighten our steps unto the fulfilment of thy commandments, through the prayers of thy most pure Mother, and of all thy Saints.

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