Aspirations to Mary by St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori

Knowest thou, sweet Mary,
Whereto I aspire?
Tis my hope to love thee
This is my desire.
I would e’er be near thee,
Queen most fair and sweet;
Do not, do not drive me
From my Mother’s feet.
Then, O Rose most lovely,
Let me hear from thee;
Loving Mother, tell me,
What thou wilt of me.
More I cannot offer
Lo, I bring my heart;
Lovingly I give it,
Ne’er from thee to part.
Lady, thou didst take it
Tis no longer mine;
Long since thou didst love it
And its love was thine.
Do not then forsake me,
Mother of sweet Love,

Till one day thou greet me
Safe in heaven above.


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