A Prayer for Use in Celebrating the Receipt of a Special Grace by St. Isidore of Seville

THOU art holy, O Lord, the only God, and Thy deeds are wonderful, and I, Thy Knight, give Thee thanks for all Thy loving kindness, [especially for…].

Thou art strong, Thou art great, Thou art the Most High,
Thou art the almighty King.
Thou, O holy Father, the King of heaven and earth.

Thou art Three and One, Lord God of gods;
Thou art good, all good, the highest good.

Lord God, living and true.

Thou art love and charity,
Thou art wisdom; Thou art humility; Thou art patience.
Thou art beauty; Thou art meekness! Thou art security;
Thou art inner peace; Thou art joy;Thou art our hope and joy.

Thou art justice; Thou art moderation,
Thou art all our riches, and Thou art everything for us

Thou art beauty, Thou art meekness;
Thou art the protector,
Thou art our guardian and defender.
Thou art strength; Thou art refreshment.

Thou art our hope, Thou art our faith,
Thou art our charity,
Thou art all our sweetness,
Thou art our eternal life.
O great and wonderful Lord,
God almighty, merciful Savior.


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