About frequenting the Holy Communion by St. Claude de la Colombiere

‘All spiritual writers agree that the best sign you can have of solid devotion is the amendment of life and perseverance in good. You think there is illusion in such frequent Communion and that it would be better to go more rarely. Do not come to me with such arguments. I began to amend my life by frequenting Holy Communion after having tried every other way and failed. When I went rarely to Holy Communion I had no end of bad habits and imperfections which appeared to me insurmountable. I uprooted these by multiplying my Communions, and you want me to believe that it was the devil who urged me to do this! Every time I omitted to frequent Communion I felt my weakness more. I know some souls who have relapsed into sin the very day they omitted Communion. When I communicated again I felt fervor rekindle in my heart. I know by my own experience and by that of hundreds of people that by following your advice they would soon give up all reception of Sacraments.’

St. Claude de la Colombiere

Source: saintsquotes.net

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