Star of the Sea

And the Virgin’s name was Mary.

Let us speak a few words upon this name, which signifieth Star of the Sea, and suiteth very well the Maiden – Mother, who may meetly be likened unto a star. A star giveth forth her rays without any harm to herself; and the Virgin brought forth her Son without any hurt to her virginity. . . O thou, whosoever thou art, that knowest thyself to be here not so much walking upon firm ground as battered to and fro by the gales and storms of this life’s ocean, if thou wouldest not be overwhelmed by the tempest, keep thine eyes fixed upon this Star’s clear shining. . . In danger, in difficulty, or in doubt, think on Mary, call on Mary. . . If thou follow her, thou wilt never go astray. If thou pray to her, thou wilt never have need to despair. If thou keep her in mind, thou wilt never wander. If she hold thee, thou wilt never fall. If she lead thee, thou wilt never be weary. If she help thee, thou wilt reach home safe at the last: and so, thou wilt prove in thyself how meetly it is said, And the Virgin’s name was Mary.

St. Bernard of Clairvaux


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