Prayer for strength by St. Catherine of Bologna

‘And so, under the appearance of good, the enemy strives to make them turn back by showing them that the way is too narrow or too long. But in no way should the spouse of Christ consent to such deceits, but with fortitude and readiness of spirit, she should steel her will and say to herself: “If my Lord God permits that I be always tempted to the end of my life, I will never consent, but I will stand firm.”

And when she has made this resolution, she will go to prayer with as much fervor as she can and say with her heart and her mouth: “My Lord, sweet Jesus Christ, through that infinite and ineffable love which made you stand bound to the cruel torment of the pillar and sustain the fierce and cruel blows of your enemies for my salvation, I pray that you give me such strength that, with the help of your grace, I can achieve victory over my enemies and with patience sustain this and every battle that they can launch against me.”

And then let her bow about one hundred times more or less, as she is able, at the name of Jesus, invoking him always.’

St. Catherine of Bologna


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