On Work: : Excerpts from the letter by St. Francis Xavier ( 1544)

To Francis Mancias,

My dearest Brother in Jesus Christ,

Your letter has given me great comfort. I implore you over and 
over again to deal with that poor degraded people as good fathers 
do with bad children.

Don’t let your courage give way, however many may be the depraved
and wicked things you see them do : for God Himself, Whom
they so grievously offend, nevertheless does not kill them, as
He might by a single nod. He does not cease to supply them
with what they need for their life and support, and yet, unless
He were to keep His bountiful hand open to them, all these
things would fail, and the poor wretches would perish for want,
as indeed they deserve to perish. I would have you consider 
this example of God, and conform your mind to greater indulgence by it,
casting aside all needless worry and distress of heart.

Your labours where you are are more fruitful than you
think, and although you may not make all the way that you
desire, still, take my word for it, you are doing very sufficient
work, and work which you will never repent of. And, after all,
whatever may be the success of your labours, you have a sure
consolation in the fact that it was not your doing nor your
fault in any way that it has been otherwise than could be

Source: Archive.org

( Book: The life and letters of St. Francis Xavier)


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