On Purgatory : Excerpts from the letter by St. Francis Xavier ( 1544)

To Francis Mancias setting out for Comorin.

May the grace and charity of Christ our Lord always help
and favour us ! Amen.

My dearest Brother,

I am most anxious to know what you are doing ;
and therefore I beg of you, for the love of Jesus Christ, to
write to me accurately, taking plenty of time over your letter,
everything that in any way concerns yourself and your com-
panions in those parts. I will write to you as soon as ever I
reach Munahpaud to tell you of my arrival.

Remember the instructions which I gave you in writing
when we parted, and pray to God to strengthen you with great
patience, the quality necessary above all others in dealing with
the people you have to do with. Make up your mind that
what you are to suffer among them is to be to you instead of
your Purgatory, and that you are to pay now here and at once
the penalty of your faults. And acknowledge how great a
favour it is that God grants you, to be able while still breathing
the breath of life to make atonement for the sins of your youth,
while you have the opportunity of gaining grace by it (which
could not be in Purgatory), and at the same time have so much
less pain than you might have there.


From Punical, February 22, 1544.

Your most affectionate brother,



Source: Archive.org

( Book: The life and letters of St. Francis Xavier)

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