Prayer before Mass – as revealed to St. Mechtilde

O ALMIGHTY, everlasting God, seeing that it is the true faith of Thy Church that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass instituted by Thy Son is infinitely pleasing to Thy Divine Majesty, and renders Thee an infinite worship and praise, and since by it alone Thou canst be worthily and adequately worshipped and praised; impelled by an ardent desire of Thy honour and glory, I purpose to assist at this present Sacrifice with the utmost devotion of which I am capable, and to offer this most Holy Oblation to Thee in union with Thy priest. I offer Thee not only this Sacrifice, but all those which shall be this day offered up from every part of the world; and I protest before Thee that if it depended on me whether they should be offered or omitted, I would put forth all my powers to procure and to further their being offered. And were I able now to raise up to Thee, of the stones which are scattered over the earth, most devoted priests, who should day by day and with glowing fervour offer to Thee this Sacrifice of praise, I would most gladly do it. But, being what I am, I implore Thee, O most holy Father, through Jesus Christ Thy Son, to pour into the hearts of all Thy priests, and especially those who might perchance otherwise offer Thee this acceptable Sacrifice coldly and without due recollectedness, the spirit of grace and of fervour, that they may be enabled to celebrate Thy tremendous Mystery with becoming awe and devotion. Grant to me, and to all those who are here present with me, that we may join in this most sacred action with reverence and devotion, so that we may have our portion in its fruit and effect. I confess to Thee, O almighty God, and to the Blessed Mary ever Virgin, and to all the Saints, my own sins and those of all the world; and I lay them on Thy sacred Altar, that they may be entirely blotted out by the virtue of this Sacrifice. Do Thou deign to grant us this grace, by that love which held back Thy hand from smiting when Thy most beloved Son, Thine Only Son, was immolated by the hands of ungodly men. Amen. 

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