O Master, Lord Jesus Christ,
You patiently endured our sins,
and were hung upon the life giving wood.
You opened a way to paradise for the penitent thief
and crushed Death by Your death.
Now forgive the trespasses that we Your servants have committed,
unworthy sinners that we are.
We have sinned indeed
and transgressed Your law.
We are unworthy even to lift up our eyes to heaven,
for we have abandoned the path of Your holiness
and pursued the desires of our hearts.
But now we implore Your immense goodness.
Spare us, 0 Lord in the multitude of Your mercies;
save us for the sake of Your most Holy Name.
Our days were spent in vanity;
rest us from the hands of our enemy,
and forgive our sins.
Subdue in us the cravings of our flesh,
so that, after putting off the old self,
we may put on the new
and live for You,
our Lord and Benefactor;
and that, obeying Your commandments,
we may reach eternal repose
in the place where all the blessed abide;
for You are truly Joy and Delight to those who love You,
0 Christ our God.
We send up glory to You,
and to Your eternal Father,
and to Your all-holy, gracious,
and life-giving Spirit,
now and ever, and forever.


Source: CatholicDoors



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