O Victim Dear

O victim dear of heavenly love,
impurpled by thy fivefold sign,
Saint Francis, father of the poor,
of Jesus’ Cross a living shrine.

Thou, burning with the glowing flames
of love of God and love of man,
dost yearn for Christ to shed thy blood
and thrice dost try the seas to span.

Although denied thy heart’s desire,
thou lettest not thine ardor wane;
but kindled still with love divine
to stir new fires thou strivest amain.

Still living in thine Orders three,
thou art found in many a savage clime;
and frozen hearts, warmed at thy flame,
grow fervent with thy fire sublime.

So shalt thou crush the powers of hell,
thy conquering arms our foes dismay;
when Holy Church doth seem to fail,
still is thy mighty strength her stay.

Come, help us, father, while we pray,
thy love within our hearts inspire,
thy boundless love, that spreads abroad
the glowing brightness of its fire.

Praise we the Father and the Son,
praise we the Holy Paraclete:
He grant us grace to emulate
Our father’s spirit, as is meet.

O Divi Amoris Victima

O divi amoris victima
quino cruenta vulnere,
Francisce qui vivam Crucis
Christi refers imaginem.

O divi Tu caritatis fervidis
flammis adustus, sanguinem
Christo daturus, barbara
ter cogitasti littora.

Voti sed impos, non sinis
languere flammas desides:
et excitas caelestia,
flagrans amore incendia.

In prole vivens efferas
pervadis oras; algida
gelu soluto, ut ferveant
ardore sancto pectora.

Sic pertimendis lividum
armis Avernum conteris;
virtutis et firmum latus
templo labanti subiicis.

Adsis, Pater, precantibus
ignemque, late quo tua
exarsit ingens caritas,
accende nostris mentibus.

Sit laus Patri et Filio,
sit inclyto Paraclito,
qui nos Parentis optimi
det aemulari spiritum.

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