O Glory of Virgins (o gloriousa virginum) by St. Venantius Fortunatus

Where troops of virgins follow the Lamb
Through the streets of the golden city,
Who is she walks in the lily throng
Clothed with the sun
Her mantle flowing like an azure wave
To the jewel pavement?
High in her arms for all to adore
She holds a Man-Child.
She leads the mystic song that swells and soars
Like the noise of many waters,
With the voice of her own Magnificat.
The glory of virgins is she, a maiden mother.
O Mary, where your Jesus leads, you follow,
The first of pearl-pure human souls.
The prize that reckless Eve has tossed away,
You stretch a generous hand to give again,
And draw the earth’s sad exiles
To their promises land of joy.
O doorway of the mighty King!
O radiant threshold of His light!
Life-giving Virgin!
Nations redeemed praise you with jubilation.
Jesus, Son of Mary,
Father and loving Spirit,
Glory to You forever and ever. Amen.

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